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Transforming wealth management for good, Embrace Technology, Preserve Humanity.

Simplify your business. Boost Efficiency. Drive Growth.

Enjoy positive experience of technology in your wealth management business. No longer choose between performance and personalization, efficiency and security.

Empowering wealth managers and data sensitive businesses

We are data experts dedicated to the world of finance and wealth management, driving a future where professionals embrace innovative strategies for meaningful client outcomes.

Future-proofing your business with innovative solutions

Leveraging our deep understanding of evolving wealth management needs and data management challenges, we equip professionals with the tools, knowledge, and support to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Conquering technology and data challenges, while seamlessly managing change

Our purpose extends beyond the present as we shape the future of wealth management through a client-centric approach, trust-based relationships, and a commitment to long-term success.

Empowering data-sensitive clients and industries

Our expertise in data integration and business automation makes us a privileged partner for industries relying on sensitive data. With our award winning portfolio management solution KeeSense, we have been serving clients from various industries.

Multi-Family Offices,
Trustees and Fiduciaries

We are dedicated to protecting the wealth of HNW families, ensuring them a secure structure and nurturing growth in line with their values.

Wealth Management Firms

I want to focus on my clients and grow my company. Without losing my identity.

Private Banks

We want to speed up our digital transformation and provide our teams with user-friendly tools that improve collaboration, leading to better client service.

Single Family offices

Our family members share a unique vision and common values to grow our wealth. Our tools must allow us to run this vision.

Offering our expertise to data-driven professionals

We provide an unrivaled expertise in data integration and software development, providing organizations with tailored solutions to seamlessly integrate, manage, secure, and consolidate sensitive data from multiple sources.

Our specialized capabilities are particularly well-matched for financial institutions and organizations that depend on sensitive data, such as government entities, real estate firms, and medical institutions.

  • Data Aggregation
  • Document Management
  • Business automation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Interconnected workflows
  • Compliance Management
  • Reporting & Data visualization

Introducing KeeSense,
Portfolio Management Solution

One work environment. One cohesive UX.

All the features you need to grow your business your own way.

KeeSense is a cutting-edge portfolio management software tailored for wealth managers, compliance officers, and investment officers who aspire to grow their business their way.

Benefit from robust security, seamless usability, and a low-risk solution designed to adapt to your unique requirements.

Why KeeSystem ?

Since 2009, KeeSystem has been committed to delivering unparalleled portfolio management solutions for wealth management professionals worldwide. With over 250 satisfied users, we’re on a mission to help firms like yours navigate the digital landscape while preserving the essence of human connection. Our expertise, innovative solutions, and dedication to your independence make us the ideal partner to support your wealth management journey.

Dedicated team of passionate financial experts crafting bespoke investment strategies.

You know what is the problem but not sure about the solution ?

Schedule a call with our expert to find out if KeeSystem has the right solution you need for your business.