5 client acquisition strategies for independent managers in 2021

17 Feb 2021

Until 2020 and the arrival of the covid19 pandemic, companies gradually integrated digital marketing into their strategy to transform physical actions into digital actions while maintaining or improving the relationship. This trend was also true for management companies. 


Nevertheless, this “hybrid” marketing approach, combining physical and digital, has truly shifted towards a totally digital strategy which is now the norm. For independent managers, they are required to entirely adapt their process and the way they manage sales over time.

The opportunity is to be able to optimize their prospecting strategy and acquisition of new clients on the long term. In a sector of activity where client recommendation has long been the number one acquisition channel, a real change is taking place.

In this article, we share advice, inspiration and the best practices for implementing lead generation marketing actions. These techniques focus on bringing information and value to your clients by demonstrating your expertise, using digital channels.


1) Email marketing


Email marketing is today considered the best acquisition channel in marketing. Emails allow you to stay in touch with your prospects while promoting discussions and “education”. Sequenced campaigns – a strategy that consists of sending pre-written emails to your target audience over a set period of time – can be easily deployed using “marketing automation” software. These campaigns are an effective way to accompany a prospect throughout the sales process, from the initial search for an asset manager to the closure of a contract with a new client.

What are the types of content that can be shared by email?

  • Educational content through videos
  • Blog posts
  • Proposals for appointments to make a point and present yourself

Our advice: the email should not have the objective of selling but rather establishing contact.


2) Social networks


Finding prospects requires being where they are. Today, your prospects and your audience are largely connected to one or more social networks. A Spectrem Group study found that 70% of millionaires use at least one social networking platform, with 55% reporting being on Facebook.

Accenture Consulting conducted a survey of 1,200 investors in seven European countries to help asset management companies understand how investors are managing their finances digitally. This study reveals 3 interesting points :

  • More than 41% of investors surveyed consider themselves “early adopters” of technology
  • 83% of respondents to the HNWI project are already using digital for financial services.
  • And, 67% are weekly social media users.

For the professional network, LinkedIn is by far the most used network.

Our advice: social media is social. It’s not just about posting informative updates; you need to take time to engage by reacting and fostering conversation.



3) The video


Today, videos are the media that allow you to retain information the longest. From email to social media to advertising, videos have a greater impact on your audience:


Videos increase the average email opening rate by 19% and the number of clicks by 65%.

Social Media

64% of consumers buy after watching the brand’s videos on social networks.


Videos increase message recall and click-through rates on online advertising, especially on Facebook.

Our advice : videos enable you to communicate on a more coherent and emotional scale on your company. This enables you to develop trust and a relationship with the prospects who cannot see in person but who can still engage with you face to face.


4) Online advertising and retargeting


This is a well-known situation to anyone going on the internet. You look up a service or a product, then a few moments later, you see the advertisement for this product or service when connecting to a social network: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn.

This is neither chance nor magic: it’s called retargeting. By accepting cookies on the site visited, the visitor authorizes the site to identify it during future visits and to “track” it on social networks, in particular by broadcasting targeted advertisements.

Retargeting can be very effective because it builds brand awareness and helps to “remind” your audience of your message. Knowing that an average of 7 to 8 exposures to your brand are necessary to trigger a first action, retargeting should be considered as a way to move your prospects forward in their thinking process and not as a way to trigger immediate appointments. Even less sales.

Our advice : start your retargeting actions by targeting your prospects and your audience who are already engaged (even slightly) on social media by sponsoring posts.

5) Content marketing


Today, 84% of clients place greater value on their digital experience of your brand. One way to do this is through content creation. So content creation is a very effective way to capitalize your expertise and demonstrate your legitimacy and authority in your market.

The most appreciated content is educational content, which raises awareness of certain issues and helps the reader to guide them in their thinking process. Similarly, case studies and experience feedback are sought-after content because they allow prospects to identify with your clients’ experience.

Our advice: don’t hesitate to play with formats. Writings, videos or even audios with podcasts, you can diversify the formats to “recycle” your content and reach your prospects via several channels.




If it hasn’t started yet, investing in digital marketing is a concrete way to generate new opportunities, reach new clients and start a new relationship with your existing clients.

These new prospects must then be qualified in a CRM software that allows you to follow them through all the client paths. For management companies, this qualification naturally includes a KYC part, specific to their activity. A “simple” CRM will therefore not be sufficient.

In short, independent asset managers need a CRM capable of managing the compliance part as well as the very activity linked to the clients: asset management. KeeSystem provides KeeSense management companies with the complete solution for all activities related to prospect and client management.

If you think it is time to have the tools adapted to the ambitions of your management company, contact us here to schedule an appointment.

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