6 technologies for an effective communication in wealth management

30 Mar 2016

innovative client communication in wealth management

The wealth management business keeps evolving. Communicating with clients has always been a priority and will continue to grow as HNWI ask for more transparency, more interaction and more immediacy. Our specialists have identified 6 technologies that will improve the way people communicate in the wealth management sector. Of course this can be implemented in accordance with your own policies and code of ethics.

Client reports using video

Very few financial advisors and independent managers actually use video for their client reports. As a matter of fact, their clients are used to videoconferences in their professional life and business meetings. Whether it is live video or it is recorded, video offers an enhanced communication with more detailed information that a simple email.

Social networks

Digital communication is an excellent lever to build a brand identity for financial advisors. LinkedIN is the most obvious social network to build a qualified network and start developing a personal branding. LinkedIN Pulse even allows publishing personal notes and articles that showcase your expertise. You can monitor your e-reputation on this social network with SSI (Social Selling Index). Twitter can help you develop your image of expert in wealth management by broadcasting relevant information and advice to your community. YouTube also offers an excellent communication potential for IAMs.


Financial advisors’ clients now use Google for their researches. It is important to welcome them on a website that is consistent with your image and the message your want to deliver. Make sure that your contact details can be easily found.

Video content

95% of the millenials think they can solve any problem on YouTube. This connected generation is looking for creative and innovative communications. Creating a YouTube channel can be a great opportunity to share some advice, some best practice, etc. Video contents are easily shared on social networks with a high viral potential.


They are another excellent mean to communicate but they require a lot of work.


You can add a blog to your website and regularly publish analysis, market insights, best practices, your company’s news, etc. Don’t hesitate to produce some fresh content commenting the news.

Digital communication and media are still underused in wealth management. In a highly competitive environment, it offers an excellent opportunity to differentiate and to bring value to your client communication. This approach is especially relevant to target millenials HNWI, a high potentiel segment.

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