Asset managers willing to more efficiently cope with risks

23 Jul 2012

According to Russell Investments’ latest trimestrial poll “Investment Manager Outlook” that was led among American asset managers, 66% of the respondants say headline news or event risk is the greatest challenge facing active managers today. This challenge was followed by regulatory or policy risk (49%) and an increasing level of correlation between markets and asset classes (32%).

In this global uncertain context, the ability to control or consider these risks when taking investment decision has become crucial for portfolio managers. Furthermore, they also have to deal with investment profiles that show an increasing risk aversion.

KeeSense®‘s original logic relies on its capacity to provide the tools to manage and control the environment of asset management. Multiple investment profiles can be created and assigned to clients according to their caracteristics (experience, risk tolerance, etc.) KeeSense® also provides the tools to ensure an efficient compliance management, based on automatic controls processed at each critical occurence. The wealth management company can therefore better prevent itself against compliance-related risks.

While a large number of asset managers fear a lack of visibility on assets performance due to the uncertain and unstable climate, KeeSense® efficiently monitors portfolios performances. Some powerful reporting tools allow creating crystal-clear KPIs and reports to evaluate portfolios and communicate the information the client.

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