26 Feb 2018

Christophe Rebischung joined the team of KeeSystem in early 2018 as Project Manager. 5 questions to introduce this wealth management expert who chose to join a growing fintech.

christophe rebschungWhat is your professional background?

After studying management and accounting, I started my career in Luxembourg. First at Societe Generale and then at Banque Populaire. After 8 years in the Grand Duchy, I had the chance to manage the opening of a new bank in Monaco, Natixis Banque Populaire, in 2001. I left the world of banking in 2008 for the one of indepent asset management companies; firstly at Mirabaud as an administrative manager and then at G & G Private Finance as administrative director and compliance officer from 2010. After 25 years in the private banking sector, I chose to join the world of Fintech with KeeSystem, a change that particularly excites me!

Why did you choose to join KeeSystem?

I personnaly experienced the transformation of the private management sector from the inside out, from the very beginning. I wanted to use my knowledge and expertise accumulated over these years in private banks and wealth management companies to contribute to the transformation of the sector from “the other side”, that is technological innovation and Fintech. I’ve known KeeSystem for several years for being a user of KeeSense. I appreciate the culture, the startup mindset and of course the solution. I wanted to go further and contribute to the development of the company


What does your experience as Administrative Director and Compliance Officer bring you at KeeSystem?

I have 25 years of experience in banking and private banking, which gives me a global knowledge of the organization of small structures such as wealth management companies and large structures of private banks. In addition, I was a user of KeeSense for 7 years, I have an excellent experience of the solution on the one hand and on the other hand, I have a very good understanding of the expectations of our users and clients.

What are your challenges at KeeSystem?

My goal as a project manager is the development of new interfaces that require managing both the banks and the users. One of my main challenges is to facilitate, pilot and automate the deployment of new projects with the implementation of processes. I am in direct interface with all the actors, clients, partners and of course the KeeSystem team.

What do you do when you are not working?

Outside my professional time, I enjoy spending time with my family. Travel takes up a lot of my free time, I love to discover different cultures and environments. The interest in new technologies is constant and the personal enrichment of my knowledge pushes me to deepen more and more different subjects. To benefit from a good daily balance, sport also plays an important role.

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