Communication and customer service, source of growth for independent managers

27 Août 2013

*Three new reports suggest that the wealth management industry needs to be improved. They agree that if the industry obtains good grades in terms of growth and rebuilding trust, communication with the client, and acquisition techniques must be a priority for wealth managers. Bruce Holley, Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group, also states: “Wealth managers can not only have good products. Their products and services must be good enough to get new customers. “

Being able to offer quality advice remains the best way to attract new customers. Studies show that there is still room for improvement in the management of customer relationship. Alongside to performance, transparency is now mandatory for HNWI clients, as well as tailored services which provide them a facilitated access to information.

Every day, our team notice that high standards that our IAMs clients face successfully with the solution they have chosen: KeeSense ®. Detailed and clear reporting is created within a few clicks and enables them to meet their clients’ expectations in terms of transparency and communication.
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