Consolidation: KeeSystem leaded a conference organised by AFFO

AFFO2Upon request of the Association of French Family Offices (AFFO), KeeSystem® was invited in Paris the 28th of May 2015 to lead a conference on the tools existing for consolidation in the context of Family Offices.

Thanks to its expertise in the asset management industry and its knowledge on consolidation, KeeSystem® had the pleasure to make it to Paris in order to take the floor for this conference.

David Crépin, associate and responsible for client support & service at KeeSystem®, co-leaded the conference with Dynamic Assets & Performance Moniroting SA (DAPM), a Swiss company specialised in the supervision of UNHWI’s wealth and Family Offices.

The leading question of the day: “ How should a Family Office chose its consolidation tool and what actions should be implemented to optimise performance?”. With its special strength in supporting and managing single and multi-family offices, KeeSystem® provided the audience with information and advices in order to help FO with their IT strategic choices.

Feedback was positive and all participants were satisfied by the quality of the speech delivered by KeeSystem.

If you are interested in the choice of a consolidation software for Family Offices, we highly recommend you to download our White Paper “Portfolio Management software : a governance tool”.

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