Controlling risk through systematic flexible management

27 Apr 2021

How to provide the best risk/return ratio for your clients?

How to achieve the highest performance while minimizing risk?

This is a real tightrope walk for asset managers, made even more difficult in times of crisis.


To clarify this, Keesystem organized a webinar on Thursday April 22nd 2021 with Thierry Crovetto, independent financial analyst and founder of TC Stratégie Financière specialized in fund analysis and selection.

During this webinar, Thierry Crovetto was able to put into perspective the traditional portfolio management methods in the face of the current global context. The questions addressed were the following:

  • How to innovate and modernize portfolio management to optimize the risk/return trade-off?
  • The use of quantitative models to control emotional bias
  • How to optimize the performance of portfolios thanks to the flexibility of Beta and Alpha?


If you would like to download a summary of this presentation, please contact our team by clicking here.



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