Creating value through private equity : the best practices to invest in startups and innovation

5 Jul 2021

More and more investors would like to directly invest in startups.

However, there is no index for startups, so it’s not like equities or bonds where you can spread the risk.

On July 1st, KeeSystem had the pleasure to host Fabrice Marquet and Dr. Pippa Malmgren, from Monaco Foundry, to share their advice for successful investment in startups and the pitfalls to avoid.


If you wish to access the replay of this webinar, please contact us.


About the speakers


Dr. Pippa Malmgren is the Founder and CEO of IndraNet.ai which is a Wisdom Exchange and a Senior Partner at Monaco Foundry.

She is a former Economic Advisor to The President of the US and Prime Ministers of several nations.

She is a prize-winning, best-selling author who now looks for promising startups for Monaco Foundry where she is a Senior Partner.

She has been named one of the top women in tech in the UK by AccelerateHer and WeAreTechWomen.

She speaks at firms like Google, American Express and global banks.


Fabrice Marquet is a Founder and Managing Partner at Monaco Foundry with the ambition to revolutionize the way we turn ideas into global commercial successes.

He is a former research scientist in medtech in top-tier institutes worldwide (Langevin Institute, Philips Natlab, Columbia University, IHU LIRYC).

He was deeply involved in the entrepreneurial scene performing tech transfer from bench to bedside leading to multiple startup successes including one IPO.

He set up from scratch and led MonacoTech, the first and only incubator program in Monaco.

In two years, he created with his team a portfolio of 15 hand-selected companies valued over 120M€ which generated almost 10M€ of revenues, raised more than 15M€ and hired more than 60 people.

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