Decentralized finance, a technological trend that is shaking up the financial world.

1 Dec 2021

DeFi (decentralized finance) is one of three technology trends that are shaking up the world of finance. On the one hand, technology platforms are taking on payments and banks. On the other, governments are launching their digital currencies. What does DeFi offer? It offers an alternative path that aims to distribute power, not concentrate it.

In episode 3 of Capsule, Fiorenzo Manganiello, Managing Partner & Co-founder, Lian Group and Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO, Ledger discuss the topic of Fintech 3.0, decentralized versus centralized finance.

To address the issue of decentralized finance, where the proliferation of innovations is similar to the one known at the origin of the web, Fiorenzo Manganiello shares his experience within Lian Group, notably on :

  • the construction of the DeFi
  • the link between the CeFi and the DeFI
  • all risks related to this new ecosystem
  • the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Pascal Gauthier, sharing his experience as Chairman and CEO of Ledger, also speaks about :

  • his plans for development in Switzerland
  • his Ledger solution
  • Bitcoin key security and cybersecurity
  • the industry’s challenges


Discover the video below that KeeSystem is pleased to support in partnership with Sphere.


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