GFG chooses KeeSense as IT solution to manage its wealth management and asset management activities

4 Jan 2016

logo gfgGFG (Groupe Financier de Gestion) recently chose KeeSense as computer solution to sustain its fast growing activities in fund management and portfolio management activities.

Based in Monaco, GFG was founded by Stefano Zavaglia, a financial expert with over 20 years working for renowned banks in Europe (Deutsche Bank, CM Capital Markets). The skyrocketing growth of the company led him to open subsidiaries in Lausanne, Milan and soon in London, by the beginning of 2016.

GFG is specialized in asset management and wealth management. The company is especially renowned for its flagship Euro Global Bond, a 300 million euros fund managed by Gugliemo Morini. It actually received the 5-Star ranking Morningstar and the AAA rating from CityWire Global. GFG Euro Global Bond combines security, transparency and liquidity. It seduces a large number of wealth managers in Luxemburg, in Switzerland, in Italy and in Monaco. Furthermore, a new ESE fund (European Strategic Equity) will be launched in early 2016 with the opening of GFG office in London.

GFG is a diversified company with a strong wealth management department. This activity is managed by Paolo Di Giovanni, who has proven track record managing portfolios for individuals, families and entrepreneurs. GFG currently manages 800 million euros. “KeeSense serves as a transversal plateform to coordinate our front office by providing our team with the essential tools to efficiently achieve their main tasks. We increase our performance, our global quality of service and our productivity. This is a positive investment that we’ve made for our company and of course, for our clients as well”  explains Stefano Zavaglia, president de GFG.

Indeed, GFG deployed KeeSense in its organization to support its strategic objectives of performance, transparency and quality of service. The customisation of the system allows GFG to have its own NAV calculation process integrated. The funds managed by the company are imported in the system and they can be integrated to the various portfolios managed in just a click. The platform is securely connected to GFG custodian banks and automatically updates every morning the asset values. KeeSense is also used to manage consolidation and compliance operations.  It centralizes and protects all the sensitive data of the company.

At the stage of their development, that is very fast, GFG top management was looking for a unique computer solution to manager their activity and to keep improving their quality of service. KeeSense is the solution that best fits their expectations” says Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem.

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