Global differences in family office wealth managers

28 Aug 2012

The demand for family office services is booming and as a consequence, these services are rapidly expanding worldwide. However, we can some strong differences among family offices worldwide.

In the video below, Richard Wilson, President of the Family Offices Group, the largest international association gathering family offices, discusses how family offices globally operate differently and offer different levels and types of services. Through interviewing single and multi-family offices in Australia, Canada, United States, Switzerland, London, Luxembourg, Monaco, and many other locations around North America, Europe, and the Middle East Richard has a deep understanding of how family offices are investing capital right now within their investment portfolios.

Whatever the business model (single or multi-family offices), the level of service and the operation mode, KeeSense® adapts and addresses the needs of each family office by providing the tools, the reliability and the expertise of a comprehensive solution designed for wealth management.

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