How to develop a family office service offer as an independent manager

23 Nov 2021

The term “family office” is not legally protected. Sometimes it is used by asset managers, wealth management advisors but also by private banks. But what does it really mean to be an independent family office?


In the second episode of Capsule, Francois Mollat du Jourdin, MJ & Cie and Gabriele Gallotti, Novum Capital Partners SA discuss the specific approach and the limits of Family Offices.


Can the family office offer be a satellite offer for the asset manager?


To answer this question, Gabriele Galolli shares his experience at Novum Capital Partners SA, notably on :

  • The transparent and egalitarian billing model based on flat fees
  • The influence of the new generation on cryptocurrency
  • Novum’s growth strategy to 2030
  • The difference in sophistication between onshores and family offices


François Mollat also talks about :

  • Why he settled to Switzerland
  • MJ & Cie’s business model, based on the juxtaposition of two sources of income
  • The emergence of a younger generation of family offices
  • His vision for the future of wealth management in Switzerland


Discover it in the video below, which KeeSystem is pleased to support in partnership with Sphere.

Episode 2 – The wealth manager’s satellite offering from SPHERE TV on Vimeo

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