Independent asset managers: 6 +1 paths of reflection to continue to perform

The coronavirus crisis has been raging around the world for several weeks now, from Asia to the United States, through Europe, of course, and to a lesser extent Africa. In addition to the health risk, there is a major financial crisis which makes the situation and the work of asset management companies all the more complex.


The end of a firm lockdown does not mean a return to a ” normal ” life, neither in terms of mobility, social exchanges nor financial market stability. Thus, while the primary concern remains health and safety, it is necessary to be concerned about the safety and health of your asset management company.


For asset managers, this includes the ability to provide the same quality of service to their clients, minimising the impact of quarantine and therefore home-working on their activities. Our team has listed 6 proposals that will enable you as independent managers to be better equipped to overcome the crisis.


#1 Immediate access to your data


Access to updated data is essential for asset management companies to operate effectively, even when remote working. There is no doubt that managers who have already started their digital transformation are nowadays getting ahead of their competitors.


With KeeSense, our clients can remotely access all the data they need to work from anywhere in the world, to ensure that all key functions of their business are carried out serenely: client relationship management, portfolio management, compliance and administration. Business As Usual is unaffected.


#2 Real-time analysis


In a troubled environment, having access to reliable and up-to-date information is critical in order to advise clients with relevance and reactivity, as well as to make decisions based on the best available knowledge of the situation. Having a portfolio management solution allows our clients to update values and consolidate their portfolios in near-real time, remotely.


#3 Adaptation of your clients’ investment profiles


Uncertainty in the financial markets can lead to changes in investment profiles. Some clients will want to switch to a more conservative profile while others will want to pursue riskier strategies. Changing the investment profile implies compliance with strict rules. With a digital asset management solution such as KeeSense, the manager relies on the already configured KYC workflow that enables him to send to the client the necessary documents to obtain his agreement for the modification of his profile. The update of the profile triggers a validation workflow within the system which, through a system of notifications and alerts, will request the intervention of the qualified collaborators.

This digitalized organization ensures maximum client protection by quickly implementing the requested profile change.


#4 Issuing orders quickly  


Market volatility in general, especially during a crisis, requires the ability to issue orders quickly, without wasting time searching for e-banking data and tokens to connect. With KeeSense, portfolio managers are connected to custodian banks and have the ability to react quickly to the markets by issuing orders within the right timeframe. Valuable time saved.


#5 Sending on-demand reporting to keep clients secure


Asset managers are faced with clients plunged into an anxiety-provoking situation due to the health crisis and its impact on the financial markets. The key to get through this period is to strengthen communication and information with your clients. Frequent reporting on the state of their portfolios is an effective way to reassure them. Talking, communicating, listening to clients and welcoming their anxiety by responding to it with maximum transparency is today the best crisis strategy to adopt.To do so, a reporting solution is all the more essential. 


#6 A client portal 


The current context forces independent managers to work from home. A reliable and secure communication platform that is available at all times. A mobile client portal gives clients all the information they are looking for on the evolution of their portfolios in real time. 


Today more than ever, quarantined clients expect to live a digitalized asset management experience by accessing from their mobile terminal to a remote relationship with their manager.


Adopting the right digital tools is the key to the success and survival of wealth management in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus crisis is creating changes in behaviour at an unprecedented rate.Using a digital portfolio management solution as well as offering mobile access to clients to simplify communication is becoming “the new normal” in a matter of weeks.


#7 Putting some heart into it


This crisis is an opportunity to show your team that you care about them and that they are at the heart of your company’s success. Taking care of them, giving them meaning at this time is essential to maintain the link and motivation from a distance. Certainly the best resource to continue serving your clients with the same commitment. The first mission of any entrepreneur!

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