Innovate as a multi-family office : the case of Herculis Partners

The rapid development of multi-family services has competed with the traditional wealth management services provided by private banks. By offering a tailor-made management including non-financial services with high added value for the family, these structures have succeeded in attracting a demanding clientele. How can they continue to innovate as a multi-family office? By listening to their clients and the market and by remaining consistent with their know-how and values, ​​as shown by Herculis Partners.


Founded in 2009 by Nikolay Karpenko and Jean-Paul Périat, respectively  Swiss and  Russian financial and law experts, Herculis Partners has developed its strategy around strong values ​​and a clear vision of the needs of a wealthy clientele. The company quickly surrounded itself with a circle of skills to bring to targeted groups of clients all the supports, recommendations and intermediation, from the management of all or part of their assets : from the purchase of real estate, to companies in passing through relocation services up to the education plans of the youngest. The activity of “multi-family office” was launched. This first stage of innovation came with the adoption of a portfolio management software solution for client management, asset management and reporting. “We wanted to be able to focus on our management business: management and customer services,” explains Jean-Paul Periat.

Innovate while remaining connected to its values ​​and know-how


After the bracing success of the multi-family office business, Nikolay Karpenko and Jean-Paul Périat wish to go further in their approach by offering tailor-made services, both in asset management and other high added value services for their existing clients, and more broadly for a wealthy international clientele. It was during the refurbishment of the company’s headquarters in Porrentruy that they decided to integrate a zone of safes and vaults into the building in a high-security environment. This new area gave birth to the Herculis Guardians entity that manages this part of the building.

Our customers are very worried about both the risk of abuse and the restrictive regulations. We perceived that our clients needed to be able to shelter their valuable assets.” Says Jean-Paul Periat.

To meet this need, Herculis offers its customers a discrete place, unviolable, accessible at all times with a high-end service – luxury, security and confidentiality. This new offering is consistent with the investment and private management services already in place.




A relevant innovation that was immediately understood and integrated by their customers who warly welcomed this new offer, especially because they can easily subscribe by just signing a lease with the company.


It is thanks to this knowledge of the HNWI clientele that Herculis knows that wealthy people seek to invest in decorrelated market values ​​as alternatives – wines, paintings, collector cars, …) not for consumption purposes, but simply investment for a potential appreciation.


A new relevant offer to meet new needs



One of the roles of a family office is to protect the heritage and prepare for the future of the next generation. This includes securing and protecting non-financial assets. Offering a solution to meet this need has therefore appeared relevant and perfectly legitimate for the leaders of Herculis Partners.

The offer of Herculis Guardians allows to rent a safe in order to store the goods (documents, precious stones, gold, computer backups, etc). For larger property such as works of art, vaults with the necessary equipments are also available. Finally, Herculis Guardians has a “free port” area that allows duty-free storage, which offers an opportunity for foreign customers wishing to invest in precious metals or physical values ​​in any discretion.

We chose to innovate by simply listening to our clients. They are the ones who show us the way, “says Jean-Paul Périat. “We have chosen to extend our services a step further by covering unmet needs, which allows us to differenciate ourselves from other more traditional multi-family offices


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