KeeSense® now integrates portfolio modelling feature

In order to better meet the expectations of wealth managers, family offices and private banks, KeeSystem® strives to enhance its solution KeeSense® with new intelligent features. One of portfolio managers’ main concern is to find the most profitable investment strategy according to its client profile. To help them determine this strategy, KeeSense® now integrates a powerful portfolio modelling tool.

This new feature allows creating models of investment strategies of which the performances can be compared to the current portfolios with a similar investment profile. The orders required to align the different portfolios with the selected model can be simulated in a first time and approved in a second time. The related operations are then automatically processed. Portfolio modelling allows testing alternatives investment strategies for each investment profile and therefore, optimising portfolios’ global performances.

For any information about KeeSense®‘s portfolio modelling and KeeSense® in general, please contact us.

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