Monitor your activities with an intuitive and centralised management solution

What is an efficient management? At KeeSystem we believe entrepreneurs need to have a permanent view on control tools in order to monitor financial flows. Furthermore, they also have to keep a close look at support activities such as billing, reporting, document and archives management etc.

For many independent asset managers and SMEs, administrative tasks are perceived as constraints representing a huge workload associated to high costs that can’t be cut. With KeeSense, this constraint turns into an advantage. Yyou actually benefit from a complete platform of innovative tools, designed for your organisation in order to support you in all the daily tasks you have to accomplish.

The multiple sources of potential mistakes and operational risks are drastically reduced with an automated and centralised management of all your processes. Furthermore, with KeeSense you can free up more time to reallocate to high-added value tasks… Or simply spend it on leisure!

  • Dashboard including incomes and costs in order to monitor profitability
  • Recovery of portfolios management mandates with integration of fixed commissions, minimum fees, annual rates and periodicity
  • Calculation of management commissions and invoice editing
  • Consolidated or ventilated turnover achieved in a few clicks
  • Calculation of retrocessions according to the corresponding business model in just a few clicks
  • Control of the commissions charged by custodian banks
  • Analysis of fees and taxes collected on the accounts
  • Data encrypting: portfolios can be identified by pseudonyms
  • All access is secured by a login and a password
  • The role affected to the user depends on his rights to access encrypted data
  • Use of visas attesting that a human control has been done by an authorised collaborator


  • Managers and all associates benefit from consolidated dashboards showing assets under management
  • Important time saving in terms of documents research and archiving
  • Fast and easy printing of all sensitive documents
  • Task optimisation linked to invoicing
  • Reduction of administrative workload and mistakes

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