With KeeSense, compliance management is no longer perceived as a constraint by asset managers but as an opportunity to outpace their competitors.

Why is it necessary to efficiently master compliance management? For several years now, many regulations have been affecting the asset management sector. MIFID, LSFin, LEFin (etc.) increase the pressure on your activity. On a daily basis, all these regulations can be an administrative headache, time-consuming and increasing compliance risks.

KeeSense transforms administrative constraints into real competitive advantage outpacing competitors. You enjoy a tailor-made solution in which we integrated all directives and regulations governing your environment. We provide you with a comprehensive platform that allows you to substantially decrease your risks of non-compliancy while respecting client’s anonymity and data confidentiality.

Today, strict enforcement of laws is not enough. You need to manage compliance efficiently, order by order. With KeeSense, you do not have to care about this legal constraint anymore. You enjoy a complete platform of innovative tools designed to manage compliance in an automated way and to restore compliance reports in just a few clicks.


  • Definition of compliance risks thanks to the investment questionnaire
  • Integrated name-check procedure activated by a simple click
  • Management of every new client’s file opening with automatic attachment of internal documents and documents bundle of the selected custodian banks
  • Automation of recurring controls by editing customised reports
  • Real time alerts in case of anomalies detected
  • Decision support tool based on a system of led indicating errors and severity
  • Audit-log and records of all sensitive actions done via KeeSense®
  • Integral tracking of ordering processes according to existing regulation (from the origin of the asset to the placement and execution of the order)
  • Trigger of several compliance controls (including Mifid) before transmitting orders to the custodian bank
  • Reporting tools proving the compliance and relevance of the investment strategy according to the client’s profile and to his risk tolerance
  • Document control via the document management system: signature, expiration dates, renewal periods


  • A fast and intuitive follow-up of compliance controls
  • Optimal reactivity in case of compliance anomaly
  • Fast and easy printing of all sensitive documents
  • Reducing administrative mistakes

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