A powerful CRM for asset management

KeeSense includes a complete CRM to leverage
your company’s main asset : your clients.

Lead management dashboard

Types of benefit

Target management amount and probability

Expected profitability (RoA)

Complete and accurate view of lead management

Breaking down the number of leads by their tax residency

Contact management

Detailed and customised contact record per client

Specification of the nature of the relation between persons

Integration of the investment questionnaire (KYC) taking into account all the financial assets including taxes, risk tolerance and client’s experience

A customised management profile

Anonymisation of clients by assigning pseudonyms

Management of newsletter subscription (opt-in)

Automatic detection of double entries when entering new contacts

Importation / exportation of vCards.

Event Management

Detailed report of all events linked to a client (meeting, phone conference, email…)

Evaluation system keeping track of all exchanges with a client

Task assignment and access depending on user’s profile

Appointment management

Powerful documents management system

Customised synchronisation with your email provider and creation of events

Client reporting

Multi-criteria search engine identifying clients

Data export under different formats (Excel, PDF, CSV, etc…)

Several types of reporting possible (pivot tables, charts, lists)

Possibility to include reference data, retrieval of data according to given families, groups or markets

Personalised and branded reports

Consolidated vision of the client’s assets

Contact information available on your screen anytime

Key Benefits

Centralisation of client’s knowledge in a secured environment

Internal management optimisation thanks to a fluid information flow

Clear and detailed monitoring of client relationship

Simple and user-friendly database

High added value service including modern reporting features

“The best thing about KeeSense is that it is able to retrieve information from different places and present it in a standardized way. Furthermore, the picture of the portfolio’s status is appealing.”

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Portfolio Management

Automated, optimised and centralised management of your customer portfolios. Less time, more performance and productivity.


With KeeSense’s mobility solution, give your customers secure access to their assets, anytime, anywhere.

& supervision

Reduce your compliance risks and save time by automating of your compliance controls.