The mobile application for your clients designed to access and manage assets in real time and 24/7

62% of HNWI prefer using a web solution instead of a physical contact point to access their portfolios and to manage their assets. More than half of HNWI aged over 40 would leave their service provider if no digital solution is included in the offer provided.

Source World Wealth Report 2014

MyKeeApp® is an innovative and secure feature provided by KeeSystem® that gives to your clients the possibility to access to their portfolios whenever they want and in real time. Thanks to this centralised application, hours of wasted time looking for information are saved! Providing an easy and simple access to information increase client satisfaction and is considered as a powerful lever to enhance client loyalty. Indeed, MyKeeApp® is considered as an amazing tool attracting new demanding clients and providing your oganisation with a strong competitive advantage. Furthermore, offering an application to your clients working 24/7 is also a brilliant strategy reducing the amount of phone calls and emails you and your associates receive every day. As a direct consequence, workload is shrinking and the saved time is reallocated to core activities. An additional high-added value service for your clients and your company.

MyKeeApp® was designed for two main reasons:

  • Fulfill HNWI mobility and digital needs.
  • Meet asset managers transparency and communication requirements.

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100% mobile

Providing your clients with a 24/7 access to their updated and consolidated portfolios. MyKeeApp® is compatible with any kind of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc).

Detailed overview

Customised dashboards have been edited in order to provide the client with a general overview of his portfolios. Figures and movements can be shown as numbers or as graphs and charts..

Secure interface

Asset management is a sensitive sector and HNWI ask for secured solutions. With MyKeeApp®, your clients benefit from a secured and customised access to browse through their portfolios.

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A complete environment to enhance your main asset: your clients.



A set of tools created to simplify administrative tasks and focus your efforts on your client’s satisfaction.



Reduce legal risks and save valuable time with the automation of your compliance controls.



Automated, optimised and centralised portfolio management. Save time, enhance performance and increase productivity.