KeeSystem and Privatam organize the first WealthTech afterwork in Monaco

30 Jun 2021

KeeSystem and Privatam organized the first Wealthtech afterwork on Thursday, June 24 at Les Perles de Monte-Carlo. The goal: to bring together the community of wealth management professionals in Monaco to discuss how digital technology can better serve WealthTech.


This event brought together about forty representatives of asset management companies, family offices and private banks who had the pleasure of meeting to discuss the subject of digital technology in the service of asset management in order to move forward together in this direction.


Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem and Stanislas Perromat, co-founder of Privatam, thought of this event as a first meeting to bring together the WealthTech ecosystem in Monaco for a friendly gathering.


KeeSystem and Privatam’s mission to the investment community is to amplify their knowledge of WealthTech and see how we can solve the problems they face in the daily management of their assets. – Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO KeeSystem


Due to the success of this event, KeeSystem and Privatam already plan to organize future editions, starting in September.


KeeSystem and Privatam, two wealthtech at the disposal of asset managers


KeeSystem and Privatam have a common mission: to simplify the life of asset managers.  Their solutions are particularly complementary. With Privatam’s PARity, asset managers and family offices can create their own customized investment products thanks to the independent digital platform. KeeSystem’s KeeSense solution brings them real added value thanks to the aggregation of their assets and offers them a real-time visualization of their cash flow and portfolio exposure.

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