KeeSystem engages with the Mission for Energy Transition of Monaco

6 Jul 2021

On June 24th, KeeSystem signed the National Pact for the Energy Transition of Monaco.

In the company of Isabelle Curau-Bloch, Project Manager at the Mission for Energy Transition of Monaco, Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem has formalized the commitment of KeeSystem to the ecological and environmental cause.


What is the National Pact for Energy Transition?


The National Pact is a tool for progress which consists in allowing Monegasques, private individuals as well as professionals, to contribute, by their actions, to the energy transition of the Principality. Being perfectly aligned with Keesystem’s values, the choice of this membership was obvious.

The actions that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are classified in 3 categories:

  • mobility;
  • energy;
  • and waste.


CSR already widely deployed at KeeSystem


KeeSystem is actively involved in the three categories mentioned above.

Indeed, in order to reduce our energy consumption in the office and limit the use of transportation, we have implemented an ambitious policy of telecommuting up to 50% for all employees.

We have also changed our premises to have a work space adapted to the number of employees in rotation, thus reducing the size of our offices by 50%. This new, smaller surface allows us to significantly reduce our energy consumption.

In terms of mobility, priority is given to soft mobility: electric bikes and buses in the city, and most employees take the train to get to and from work.

Finally, Keesystem also acts on the theme of waste by sorting it and by eliminating the use of disposable dishes in the office. We also limit the printing of documents as much as possible and gradually promote a complete digitization of files.


Learn more about the National Energy Transition Pact of Monaco


Website of the Pact: https://energy-transition.gouv.mc/National-Energy-Transition-Pact


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