KeeSystem® expends its presence in Ticino through a partnership with Camplani & partners SA

Since the creation of KeeSystem®, Switzerland has always been the main country in the development of our society. Already established in Geneva with KeeSystem S.A., we have seen growth needs of software tools for professional asset management. This explains why we have decided to further intensify our presence in Switzerland, particularly in the city of Lugano.

This project is performed in partnership with Paolo Camplani from the society Camplani & Partners SA, an asset management company based on site which also enjoys a strong reputation.  Also responsible for SAIFA Ticino, Paolo Camplani aims to boost wealth management activity in the region. Thus, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to strengthen our business by establishing a permanent presence in the important region of Ticino.

The priority of keeSystem® in Lugano will be to provide greater supports to its partner in order to offer a dual expertise. We can now deploy technical and tailored solutions as well as personalized services of high quality for our customers.

More information will be sent soon to companies based in the region.

KeeSystem in Lugano

Tel: +41 (0)22 548 12 03

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