KeeSystem® interviewed by the Wealth Managers Book 2013.

22 May 2013

crédits Voxia Communication

For the second year, Voxia Communication published the “Guide des Gérants de Patrimoine” (Wealth Managers Book) which is a reference for independent asset managers.

In its 2013 edition that just came out, Voxia led a crossed interview between KeeSystem® and its client Herculis Partners. Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, General Manager at KeeSystem®, and Jean-Paul Periat, Board Président at Herculis, talk about their collaboration. The latter sums it up in a simple sentence “We needed a tool that allowed us to exclusively focus on our core business : wealth management.

It is for this very specific reason that KeeSense® was chosen by the Porrentruy-based family office that has a branch in Geneva. Jean-Paul Periat points out the fact that objectives such as confidentiality, security and compliance are fullfilled thanks to the tools supplied by KeeSense®.Moreover, he declares that since the solution was deployed, “low value” operations such as manual entries have significantly decreased and the global productivity of its business increased.

The success of this collaboration also relies on the competence, availability and reactivity of KeeSystem®’s engineering team that rapidly assists Herculis when necesserary.

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