KeeSystem launches the new version of KeeSense and brings the best of technology to the wealth management industry.

25 Aug 2020

KeeSystem launches its new version of KeeSense, its portfolio management software for independent asset managers. It pursues its objective initiated when it was created in 2009: to provide private banking professionals with the best technology for their activity.



“We did not want to release an upgraded version of KeeSense. We wanted to build and offer the best technological solution available today for asset management companies” explains Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem.


A user experience completely redesigned


KeeSense users have an intensive use of it. Most of them use it several hours a day. The ergonomics and user experience was entirely revised for the new version of KeeSense. To do so, the latest advances in cognitive sciences have been taken into account to simplify the access to information. In addition, a group of volunteer users has been involved in the design of the new interfaces. A real work of cocreation.


Enhanced and flexible features

For Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem,

“The clients of KeeSystem are entrepreneurs. Each of their team member must be able to contribute to creating value for the company.”


KeeSense’s unique and advanced features provide unparalleled capabilities for customization and intelligent automation of many tasks. More than just software, it is now positioned as an ecosystem manager for asset managers, connecting them directly with their custodian banks and clients, thanks to KeeSense’s e-banking module.


Scalability and adaptability


The new version of KeeSense offers strong customization possibilities so that each customer can adapt the solution to his or her business model and integrate the processes, workflows and corporate identity. KeeSense users benefit from the advantages of a solution that integrates and follows wealth management industry standards while being flexible and adaptable. For this purpose, the new version of KeeSense provides numerous custom fields.



A “Plug & Play” approach


The new version of KeeSense allows to reduce by two the deployment time of the solution. To achieve this technical feat, KeeSystem R&D team has optimized the code and architecture of KeeSense, to make it lighter, more flexible, but also faster and more powerful. This reduction and control of the deployment time allows KeeSystem to ensure zero delay and zero budget overrun for its clients.


A new version already approved by users


The new version of KeeSense was deployed during the first half of 2020 to all current clients. It was  unanimously approved by users. It will be officially unveiled to the general public at the GFI Solutions Days to be held on September 7th 2020 in Zurich and September 24th 2020 in Geneva on the KeeSystem stand. Asset management companies and family offices are invited to come and discover this new version and to contact the KeeSystem team directly to organise a demo.

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