KeeSystem partners with Bloomberg Portfolio & Risk solution

4 Jan 2021

The team of KeeSystem is proud to announce its partnership with Bloomberg. Our portfolio management software solution KeeSense is now seamlessly integrated with Bloomberg Portfolio & Risk solution.


KeeSense can now be pre-integrated with the Bloomberg Terminal, providing turnkey access to  the portfolio analytics, news and alerts that are crucial to managing your business smoothly and efficiently. 

Furthermore, KeeSense ordering center is now securely connected to Bloomberg’s data servers – enabling seamless integration of your portfolio data into Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution.



An enhanced experience for KeeSense users


Through this digital data delivery, KeeSense and Bloomberg enable you to efficiently automate your financial information processing, delivering portfolio related reporting, performance calculations and risk analysis in real-time. 

  • Real-time and intraday performance monitoring
  • Historical performance analysis and attribution
  • Index versus benchmark characteristics
  • Ex-ante risk including tracking error, Value-at-Risk, and scenario analysis
  • Portfolio optimization and trade simulation
  • News and alerts on portfolio holdings


All this is enabled thanks to the pre-integration of Bloomberg  Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution in KeeSense.


Learn more about Bloomberg Professional® Services

Visit Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics to learn more about PORT <GO>’s key features which is part of the
Bloomberg Professional® Services offering.

If you have any questions about KeeSense and how it integrates with Bloomberg  Portfolio & Risk Analytics, please contact our team.

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