KeeSystem strengthens its shareholding to accelerate its growth

8 Jul 2021

July 8, 2021 – KeeSystem, a fintech specializing in digital tools for independent asset managers and family offices, announces that Ebene has entered the company’s capital to help it continue its growth.  Pierre Dalmaz’s family holding company holds 75% of KeeSystem’s shares from its Chairman and Founder Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, who will remain at the head of KeeSystem’s management with the support of its new shareholder.


Founded in 2009 and present in Monaco and Switzerland, KeeSystem is known as the developer of the KeeSense software, which helps independent asset managers and family offices in their digital transition by digitizing their activity. KeeSystem generates an annual turnover of nearly two million euros.

KeeSystem’s mission is to provide a complete and efficient solution to private banking professionals to help them increase the service impact and profitability of their operations with the KeeSense portfolio management solution. As a result, clients have access to an enhanced version of their business, minimizing and controlling financial risks and constraints.

Among other things, KeeSense enables real-time consolidation and analysis of asset portfolios deposited in all banks. As a result, users have access to a software solution to improve their bottom line, streamline communication with custodian banks, optimize communication with clients, simplify compliance controls, and achieve greater control over assets and costs.

KeeSense has received several awards, including “Best Wealth Management Software” at the Wealth & Finance Magazine Fintech Awards..


Accelerating growth in France and internationally with the support of Ebene


KeeSystem intends to accelerate its growth in the target markets of wealth management that are in countries such as Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium, thanks to the investment and operational support of Ebene. The goal is to triple the company’s turnover in 5 years in a fast growing and changing market.

In Europe, the independent asset management market represented €17.7 billion in assets at the end of 2019. With double-digit growth, this market is facing an urgent need for digitalization, especially with the emergence of a younger clientele among high net worth individuals. KeeSystem’s solutions address a significant demand from the 180,000 family offices worldwide, including 7,000 in France, two-thirds of which are not yet equipped with a digital solution for their business.

KeeSystem will be able to rely on Ebene’s expertise in the world of software publishing, notably through the companies of the Ebene group such as Antenia, Leader Informatique, A-Régie, Optimmo and Senoee.


I am delighted to become the majority shareholder of KeeSystem, which through its KeeSense solution enables wealth managers and family offices to be more efficient and to digitize their business. Our growth will be driven by the potential of the wealth management market and by the recruitment of new sales people and the opening of new offices. Prospects will be reassured about the sustainability of KeeSystem, which is backed by the family-owned Ebene group, which has a turnover of €100 million and is expanding rapidly.

Pierre Dalmaz, President of Ebene


I am pleased to join the Ebene group to accelerate the development of KeeSystem with its team, which has extensive experience in this field. KeeSystem already has a solid base of about 30 customers and KeeSense meets their needs very well. Our goal is to triple our turnover and number of clients in the next five years, in the countries where wealth management is most active. I look forward to working with Pierre Dalmaz and his teams to achieve this new challenge.

Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, CEO of KeeSystem


About KeeSystem

Founded in 2009, KeeSystem is a Fintech company based in Geneva and Monaco that specializes in digital tools dedicated to wealth management for independent companies and family offices worldwide. Its mission is to simplify and improve the daily life of private banking professionals by helping them increase their impact in terms of services, profitability and business development through its portfolio management solution, KeeSense. Clients gain access to an enhanced version of their business, reducing and mastering the challenges and constraints of the financial industry. www.keesystem.com


About d’Ebene

Ebene is the Luxembourg holding company of the Dalmaz family. It operates in four areas of activity in France and internationally, namely IT consulting, IT publishing, industrial and real estate asset valuation and the hotel industry.

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