Volatility increases wealth managers’ breathing space

According to a recent article published in the French financial newspapers Agefi, the markets’ volatility leads wealth managers to better take advantage of their management autonomy. To face the current situation, increased flexbility is key which requires to be able to classify the assets in sub-categories according to their degree of flexibility and risk in order for investors to make enlightened decision-making. Furthermore, it appears that the ambiant volatility accentuates the need for wealth managers to maintain a clear communication and strong customer relationship in order to keep them informed of their portfolio strategy decisions. This communication strongly relies on monthly detailled reports that have become essential.

KeeSense® business logic is definitely in line with the market’s trends and with wealth managers‘ expectations. KeeSense® actually offers the possibility to classify any asset according to multiple and configurable caracteristics, of which its degree of flexibilyt and risk. The integration of investment profiles allows wealth managers to adopt the most efficient and compliant strategy for his or her customers. Furthermore, KeeSense® provides speaking and crystal-clear dashboards about portfolio’s current status and evolution, supporting wealth managers’ strategic decisions towards their clients.

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