Meet Privatam, a fintech that facilitates your structured products investments

2 Jun 2020

As innovative FinTech’s both Privatam and KeeSystem share a common goal, to simplify the daily life of Wealth Managers by using new technologies in creative ways. Their collaboration aims to facilitate access to structured products for KeeSystem users through its Privatam experts’ team and its proprietary portal PARity. Our service is built on relationships, accelerated by technology.

The Privatam adventure began in Monaco in 2014 with its four founders Arthur Bauch, Massimo Passamonti, Steve Price and Stanislas Perromat. These 4 complementary profiles, all experts in financial engineering working with Wealth Managers, met in London’s trading rooms. They all shared the same observation; Wealth Managers lacked a complete tool to manage their structured products. Some managers could spend 6 hours per week managing their multi-issuer, underlying and product positions in Excel and email. The founders of Privatam believed that structured products could be efficiently simplified thanks to new technologies and created PARity in 2015.

PARity is today a free digital platform adopted by more than 500 Wealth Managers. It is organized around 3 pillars: a smart library made up of thousands of investments, an instant online comparator of more than 12 leading issuing banks and a dashboard for complete monitoring of multi-bank portfolios and products.

In order to democratize structured products, Privatam has been organizing keynotes worldwide since 2018, explaining how new technologies radically simplify access to customized investments.


PARity users especially appreciate its intuitiveness and ease of use enabling then to directly connect to the main banks issuing structured products.

You can now access PARity for free. For more information, visit www.privatam.com.

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