New version of KeeSense : 4 innovations that will transform your client relationship management

29 Sep 2020

At KeeSystem, everything we do is designed to achieve our mission : to support the development of independent asset managers by relying on a technological solution allowing them to :

  • retain their existing clients
  • attract new clients
  • Effectively manage client service in a compliance-oriented manner

By listening to our clients and studying their needs, we have identified new features in KeeSense CRM that can help them increase their performance and efficiency.

Usually, CRMs are viewed as databases that simply store information about each customer in a relatively standardized and siloed manner. This approach seemed problematic to us at a time when hyper-customization and customer knowledge are critical growth issues:

  • personalization is a strong factor of client satisfaction and is one of the priority expectations of HNWI.
  • Referral is an essential acquisition channel that is activated through satisfied clients.
  • Knowing the global customer ecosystem allows relationship managers to identify potential clients in their network (leads).

Based on this observation, we looked at how to enable our independent asset management clients to transform the knowledge they have accumulated about their clients into business opportunities and new business.


1- A complete mapping of client relationships

Many opportunities for new clients are lost due to a lack of information and visibility on the personal and professional network of existing clients. Trust and recommendation are pillars of the development of a wealth management business on which relationship managers must be able to capitalize. By being able to map each client’s network and his or her ecosystem, the manager can visualize business development opportunities, generating presentations and recommendations, but also personalizing his advice.

With the dynamic relationship mapping functionality integrated in KeeSense, each manager gets a global vision of the network of clients and prospects and can easily identify associated opportunities.


2- The addition of personalized fields

One of the main motivations of clients who entrust their assets to a management company is the personalization of the service and the relationship. What could be more unpleasant than having to repeat information that has already been given or to be given standard advice? Many asset management companies and multi-family offices are nowadays positioned as boutiques, where hyper-personalization is at the heart of the service, and attract a clientele disappointed by the services of private banks. 

In order to allow this high level of personalization, the asset manager’s own software must allow this personalization. The new version of KeeSense thus integrates the possibility to add personalized fields directly in the client or prospect’s file. More than simple notes, these fields allow to integrate the development and customization strategy of each asset management company. 


3- An advanced search capability

KYC and regulatory obligations generate an exponential amount of data. Advanced, multi-criteria searches are among the tasks that managers perform several times a day. The new version of KeeSense includes unlimited search capabilities. Users can select as many fields as they want to get the search results with the desired granularity. This saves time and improves the accuracy of the actions taken. 



4- Excel exports in 2 clicks

What could be more frustrating than having data held captive in software? Your data belongs to you and we are committed to providing our clients with the most freedom and flexibility without limiting the possible uses of their data. With KeeSense, an export in csv or excel format is done in a few seconds, without any restriction on the concerned fields. 

At KeeSystem, we believe that technology should bring freedom and support the creativity of entrepreneurs. The innovations brought to the CRM of our portfolio management solution KeeSense have all been designed to achieve this goal. 

Result: 100% of our users are satisfied with this new version! 

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