The new version of KeeSense® available soon !

For several months now, our experts have been actively working on the new version of our solution KeeSense® that will be released in September 2014.

For the development of this new version, we have been listening and taking into account all the feedback we received from our users. Moreover, we were also very concerned with all the emerging trends coming from wealth managers and their clients.

What have been optimised? Almost everything! We added new features, we improved ergonomics, and we mainly worked on increasing overall performance and fluidity. User’s daily use is then enhanced with a new intuitive interface. All the upgrades we have done are the results of a deep study of our client’s needs and working processes but are also based on the results we obtained due to business intelligence we conducted on new technologies.

For more information on our software KeeSense® and all its new fetaures, please contact our experts.

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