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A Decade of Expertise, a Vision for the Future


Founded in 2009, KeeSystem, has been laser-focused on digitalizing independent wealth management firms, private banks, and family offices worldwide. Our expertise in data integration and process automation has earned us the trust of industries that thrive on sensitive data.

With KeeSense V7, we’ve taken our mission a step further. We believe that technology should simplify, not complicate. 

This new version isn’t just a facelift, it’s the realization of our vision that technology can really improve the day-to-day management of wealth professionals.


Highlighting the Evolutions in KeeSense V7


1. User-Centric Interface: The revamped interface is not only sleek but also highly intuitive, ensuring users find it both appealing and functional.

2. Snapshot Tool: This new feature offers a holistic, at-a-glance view of crucial data, ensuring rapid and effective decision-making.

3. Enhanced Connectivity: With seamless integration capabilities expanded to over 120 custodian banks, data access and reliability have never been better.

4. Dynamic Dashboards: Tailored to deliver real-time insights and data, enhancing the user’s ability to strategize and act promptly.

5. Comprehensive Prospecting Dashboard: A specialized dashboard that equips wealth managers with the tools needed for effective client acquisition and relationship management.


Redefining Portfolio Management


KeeSense V7 pushes the boundaries of portfolio management. From dynamic dashboards to seamless integrations, the data flow remains steady and trustworthy. Our aim? To refine every operational aspect, from consolidation to reporting.


Echoing the Voice of Wealth Management Professionals


The unanimous positive early feedback from our test users is a resounding testament to the elevated KeeSense experience. Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, founder and CEO of KeeSystem, shares his enthusiasm about early feedback on the new version of KeeSense. “Initial feedback from our users has been extremely positive, describing it as ‘modern’, with an ‘excellent design’ that is genuinely ‘useful’. Seeing our vision resonate with our users, witnessing their enthusiasm, fills the whole team with pride and further strengthens our commitment to innovate to simplify our customers’ lives.”


Discover KeeSense V7

We invite you to dive into the new world of KeeSense V7.

Watch the video to witness firsthand the transformative features that await you.

Schedule a live demo today and immerse yourself in an experience that promises not only to meet but to exceed your expectations.


About KeeSystem

Founded in 2009 with locations in Swizerland, Luxembourg and Monaco, KeeSystem specializes in the digitalization of independent wealth management companies, private banks and family offices worldwide. Our expertise in data integration and process automation makes it a preferred partner for industries relying on sensitive data.


About KeeSense

KeeSense, a leading portfolio management software solution, has been helping wealth management professionals digitize and automate their business since 2009. With a complete workspace, KeeSense covers all the essential activities of asset managers, from customer relationship management to administrative supervision.

Key Takeaways:

  • 300+ users globally.
  • 90% of users log in daily.
  • 70% engage for over 4 hours daily.
  • Integrated with 120+ custodian banks.