About KeeSystem

KeeSystem is a company focused on financial technologies based in Monaco and Switzerland.

Since 2009, our mission is to simplify and improve the daily life of private wealth managers. We help independent asset managers and family offices to increase their impact in terms of services, profitability and development of their business thanks to our award-winning portfolio management solution, KeeSense.

Our clients gain access to an enhanced version of their business, reducing and controlling the challenges and constraints of the financial industry.

Our Values


In all our actions, we are rigorous, we pay great attention to details, without compromising on quality. We are “IT craftsmen” in the noblest sense of the word, who work with passion, meticulousness and patience to develop the most suitable solutions for our clients.


Do what we say and say what we do. We make sure that we communicate accurate and honest information about our solution, about project management and throughout the customer relationship, especially in terms of billing. For us, transparency is the foundation of a relationship based on trust.


Each team member contributes to our technology watch. We explore all channels to feed our minds, improve our solutions and design new ones. We believe in continuous improvement, in the possibility to always do better, in the desire and the pleasure to take up new challenges. We look to the future.


We aim for growth based on healthy and lasting relationships with our clients and market players. We value virtuous and value-creating exchanges for each member of the ecosystem.


KeeSystem is an independent company with family shareholders. We act in a logic of sustainability. This value is declined with a human-sized management and a loyal team, united around the same mission.


We believe in surpassing ourselves in the service of a common mission: to make our customers’ daily lives easier and help them develop their business thanks to our technology. We put work and discipline at the heart of our approach, fostered by a family-based, sustainable governance.

A team of experts
in finance and technology,
united by passion

KeeSystem relies on a team of experts who are passionate about their job. We are specialists in financial services (FinTech) that help us understand our customers’ needs and assist them in their daily activities.

Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot

CEO and founder of

David Crépin

Partner & Head of Sales

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