The association of financial expertise with software engineering

Pierre-Alexandre ROUSSELOT, General Manager

Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot is associate co-founder at KeeSystem® and acts as general manager of the company. He is responsible of the global strategy and he is also involved in the business development. His educational background in computing science and his passion for finance led him to specialise in the development of asset management softwares. This is how he came to create KeeSystem® in association with Frédéric Gérault and contributed to improving and industrialising the solution that was designed a few years earlier by his associate;KeeSense®. His natural intuition and sharp vision of the market and wealth management supported the fast development of the company in Monaco, Geneva and Luxemburg.
As a Strasburg native, Pierre-Alexandre cultivates the Alsatian values of hard work, long term investment and international openness. This rigorous-minded leader places clients’ satisfaction on top of his priorities and daily strives to reach out for excellence.
Married with children, this literature lover enjoys very much travelling and hiking in the mountains, one of his passion.

David CREPIN, Associate & Client Support and Service Manager

Associate at KeeSystem, David Crepin is today working as client support & service manager. Participating in the corporate strategy, he is also implicated in the business development of the company.

After getting a degree in computer engineering, he was hired by a Parisian company operating in the patrimonial simulation market. In 6 years, he managed to work his way up the ranks, starting as engineer, then being promoted to project manager, and finally ended up as product manager. After this enriching experience, David became consultant for a French editor specialized in project management. This five year experience was a success as he was able to learn a lot about project management and client satisfaction.

In 2010, he joins KeeSystem as Client support & service manager. He offered his expertise and skills to a young startup by acquiring our proximity and Excellency values. Today, David coordinates different projects and he is the one in charge of clients’ relationship.

Coming from the North of France then Parisian for over 25 years, he is today dividing his time between South of France, Paris and Geneva. Rigorous, he places client satisfaction at the heart of his concerns, always looking for Excellency.
Father of two children, this football lover won’t miss a single match of his favorite team “Paris Saint Germain”. He is also passionate about travelling.

Frédéric GERAULT, Associate & CTO

As an experimented leader and field expert, Frédéric Gérault has spent the major part of his carreer in the finance and banking before turning towards mass market retail and industry.

After graduating at HEC Paris, he rapidly joins the Société Générale Alsacienne de Banques (Groupe Société Générale). The combination of his determination and hard work leads him to successively hold top management positions in the administrative and accounting division, the organisation division and finally the computing and electronic banking division. He then embraces entrepreneurship by leading two important companies in mass market retailing and industry. When approaching his fifties, Frédéric Gérault is looking for new challenges. He gets involved in consulting and provides his services in project management and software development to wealth management companies. He is intimately convinced that technological changes can drastically improve the quality of work and decides to design a tailor-made software solution to meet the specific needs of asset management companies. He then creates what will later become KeeSense®.

Now in his sixties, Frédéric Gérault is involved in KeeSystem® and brings his banking experience as consultant. On his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and his friends and he also appreciated tasting grands crus, a passion that ideally combines his love for nature and the quest for excellence.