Job description: Junior Business Developer

As part of its expansion, KeeSystem is looking for a talented Junior Business Developer to complement its team.

In order to accelerate the growth of our company, we want to create a commercial team under the responsibility of the Sales Director already in place in Monaco.

In order to build this team, we have created the “Campus by KeeSystem“, which will take place from October to December 2021. A unique program, over 3 months, to train a team of 7 people who will then be distributed throughout Europe. During this period, the new sales team will be trained on the company’s products and services, sales techniques, prospecting methods, sales pitches, and marketing materials.

About KeeSystem

KeeSystem is a publisher of IT solutions in the field of wealth management and private banking. We are FBA and SBA partner, based in Monaco.

Our environment is that of a “start-up”, and is dynamic, entrepreneurial, in a permanent challenge, assisted by the management allowing the blooming and the improvement of everyone according to their best skills.

We have been selected by the MonacoTech business accelerator led by the Monegasque Government as well as Xavier Niel and Monaco Telecom, and we are identified as one of the most influential FinTech in our field. We are regularly solicited for our expertise in the media such as BFM Business, Le Point, Banking & Finance, L’Agefi, Sphere, etc.

Our team is young and dynamic! We are in a fast-changing business sector, where technology disrupts codes and habits. We wish to strongly develop our sales team to generate a strong growth in the near future, in countries / regions where Wealth Management is present.

The position is based in several financial centres in Europe: Geneva, Zurich, Luxembourg, Paris, and Monaco.

Job description

We are looking for a Junior Business Developer. Given the sector of activity, good presentation and interpersonal skills are required.

The Junior Business Developer promotes and sells the company’s products and services to achieve its sales targets in his/her dedicated region. He/she will work in the sales team, under the responsibility of the Sales Director, who will regularly intervene in his/her region, and will be assisted by the company’s marketing, technical and functional teams. A daily exchange will be ensured with his/her management in order to resolve any issue that requires discussion.

He/she develops a portfolio of clients and prospects, wealth management companies, asset managers, single & multi-family offices, private banks, tax & corporate service providers. He/she collects customer needs and proposes suitable commercial offers. He/she promotes the company in a coordinated communication with the customers. He/she implements the strategy defined by the management and by all the stakeholders in his/her activity. He/she presents the company’s offer to customers, argues and responds to questions and objections.

As the first pillar of the commercial approach, he/she identifies business opportunities, organizes and manages commercial proposals and contract negotiation. He/she maintains the customer relationship and promotes the company’s references to develop the customer portfolio.



Full-time position on permanent contract, 39 hours per week

3-month trial period in training in Monaco, accommodation and meal allowance paid by the company.

After the training, fixed remuneration according to profile and region, with a stimulating incentive variable depending on commercial objectives.

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Expected skills and levels

Macro skills Expected skills and levels Concrete example of activity for the expected level
Communicate effectively Adapt and write a communication medium to the objectives and context The Junior Salesperson writes emails and customer proposals by adapting his/her communication according to the context of the interlocutor.
Develop internationally Identify the players and analyse the success factors of a local market He/she deploys his business development methodology by adapting his/her speech to international environments.
Manage a business proposal Manage and balance the different phases of a response process He/she writes, adapts and argues commercial proposals to clients.
Use office tools Process data with office tools (spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, communication support, etc.) He/she uses the drafting, spreadsheet and presentation tools in the realization of proposals, customer follow-up and internal reports.
Animate a commercial approach Design the approach and put in place the necessary commercial resources He/she develops his/her sector and uses the company’s resources (i.e. commercial, functional and technical) needed for meetings with prospects and marketing.
Create and maintain a favourable customer relationship Adapt his/her posture and the organization of exchanges to the work situation He/she develops and maintains the customer relationships in order to build loyalty and deliver quality customer service.
Influence and convince Synthesize a powerful argument and anticipate objections He/she analyses, prepares and writes powerful arguments for his/her meetings and client presentations, as well as answers to objections.
Use English, and the language of your region, in a professional context Lead technical debates and projects in English and in the language of the region He/she works in English for documents, e-mails and telephone communications.
Negotiate and manage a contractual relationship Apply the conditions of a proposal and negotiate the necessary additional points He/she drafts and follows up on clients’ commercial proposals, in coordination with the Sales Director.
Update your knowledge and adapt Conduct independent learning and be reactive in the face of an unforeseen or novelty He/she learns about new products or services independently in order to present them to customers.
Define and manage the budget of a project Aggregate the load and the budget with the internal / external resources mobilized Under the supervision of the Sales Director, he/she proposes a first budget version for a project of which he masters the model.
Integrate production optimization methods Adapt optimization tools to the objectives and the context (e.g., tables, visuals, boxes, defined areas) As commercial proposals are made, he/she develops content that can be quickly adapted between proposals, in order to focus on differentiation.
Teamwork and sales support Participate in meetings effectively to share their needs or difficulties and obtain the necessary support. He/she participates in regular sales meetings, by video or face-to-face, in order to participate in the management of the team and to share the prospecting actions and the results obtained.