Independant asset management company

About the company

G&G Private Finance SAM is an asset management company founded in 2008. Based in Monaco, it is working with an international clientele and has to operate on global markets. As a direct consequence, G&G is operating in a multi-currency environment in collaboration with more than twenty custodian banks.


In order to support the fast growth it was enjoying from 2010, G&G developed the need to structure its activity. The asset management company was looking for an IT solution specially designed to answer the needs of a human size organization operating in an international context. Among these needs :

  • Client Relationship management (legal bond, document management, reporting etc.)
  • Portfolio management including buying and selling operations in a multi-currency and multi custodian environment.
  • Compliance conformity according to the corresponding legislation
  • Centralization, ranking, archiving system and data protection


In collaboration with G&G, KeeSystem designed the document including the specifications corresponding to G&Gs’ wishes. Our commercial and technical teams assisted the client all along the reflection process. A customized KeeSense® solution was proposed and configured in order to be perfectly adapted to the client’s organization and business model.
The Swift protocol was also integrated to the multi-currency and multi custodian environment.


Today, G&G has 5 user workstations operating with KeeSense®.
As a consequence, the company enjoyed meaningful gains in productivity.

Document management is now processed easily while the asset management activity is being optimized thanks to consolidation capacities provided by KeeSense®. Now, G&G can have a view on all its clients’ positions in one single interface.

Moreover, multi-currency and multi custodian management are now fully integrated. It directly simplified order management (using the Swift protocol) and position management.

Finally, KeeSense® was configured in order to accomplish regular and full compliance controls in order to meet conformity obligations. Each control is adapted to the client’s legal environment.

Family office

About the company

The company is a family office based in Switzerland. With more than 1.2 billion dollars managed, the company works with about a dozen custodian banks every day.


KeeSystem accompagne ce family office depuis 2011. A l’époque, le family office était alors à la recherche d’une solution pour :

KeeSystem supports this family office since 2011. At the time, the family office was looking for a solution that could:

  • Centralise interfaces with custodian banks and save time. In fact, when the client contacted us, he did not have any centralized asset management system. All the asset managers had to manually import the data every morning via online e-banking platforms of each one of the custodian banks.
  • Manage custodian banks that did not work following the usual data import model (positions, orders and value). In this specific case, our client worked with Russian custodian banks that did not offer e-banking services.
  • Customize reporting models that are a real added value for this client.


KeeSystem analysed the specific situation of this family office in order to provide him with a tailor-made solution. KeeSense was deployed integrating all client data and portfolios that were previously scattered between the different asset managers.

Moreover, our R&D team developed the missing e-banking system in order to allow automated data import and export with the Russian custodian bank.

Several customised reporting models were created in collaboration with a professional graphic designer. They match all the expectations of our client as both conditions consolidated information and graphic design (including presentation and corporate branding) have been integrated.

Finally, several computing formulas were reviewed in order to perfectly integrate expertise and working habits of this family office.


Today, 5 users are working with KeeSense in a collaborative way.

Thanks to KeeSense and to the e-banking solution developed for the Russian custodian bank, it now only takes a few minutes to each asset manager to import data every morning. As a direct consequence, overall productivity increased as the family office is now saving a lot of time every day.

Bespoke and customised reporting tools also added an important value to the clients of our client considering both branding and performance parameters. Reporting is now considered at the heart of communication strategy and client loyalty.

Asset Management Company based in Luxembourg

About the company

Our client is a human-sized company based in Luxembourg with 6 employees. This organisation works with 4 custodian banks and manages around one hundred million euros.


In this case, our client already had a tool but was not satisfied with it. After this disappointing experience, his goal was to quickly switch to a new efficient solution.

The asset management company needed a tool for:

  • Client Relationship management
  • Compliance processes
  • Portfolio management
  • Easily collaborate with the four custodian banks

In addition, the company also expresses other needs concerning customisation of the solution:

  • Automated valuation of financial assets
  • Create and value non-financial assets (such as art, real estate, automobile)

Moreover, our client uses the financial service Bloomberg and asked us to interface it with KeeSense.


KeeSense was integrated in just a few weeks in order to meet the time constraints of the asset management company. All the deadlines were met both for the deployment of the solution and for the data import.

The 6 users then received a 10 half-day specific training, on site and via e-learning solutions.

Additional developments were then done in order to customize the solution. Among them, our team added a new feature allowing the company to create non-financial assets that could be integrated in portfolio consolidation. Moreover, tailor-made reporting models were designed in order to provide an overall patrimonial and financial situation.


The first and major benefit for our client in his situation was to enjoy a new, reliable and efficient solution matching all his expectations in only a few weeks.

The easy deployment combined to an adapted learning solution facilitated the integration of KeeSense in the company. Indeed, all employees were efficiently trained and became 100% autonomous after 10 days.

The feature allowing non-financial assets to be valued brings an increased value to the clients who have now an overall and full overview of their wealth. On the other hand, it provides our client with a precious and strong competitive advantage.

Finally, the tailor-made reporting model emphasizes the quality of service offered to their clients who can now enjoy customized and detailed reports in addition to all others asset management services provided.

Private bank

About the company

Our client is an asset management company that was created by a Swiss private bank. Based in Monaco, it manages around 1.5 billion € and has more than one thousand clients.


As our client belongs to a private bank, all the softwares used are necessarily submitted to strict and numerous procedures controlling technical, legal and functional aspects. In this context, our software had to be deeply analysed by the organisation before getting the green light from the corporate offices.

Furthermore, a new audit must be conducted every 2 years as new regulations arise and have to be integrated into the software.

On an operational level, several needs such as CRM, ordering, portfolio management and compliance controls have to be handled by a unique software.


First of all, additional developments and modifications were completed in order to receive the approval of the organisation central services (in 2009).

As agreed between the two parties, KeeSystem participates to the audit every 2 years. Then our experts make all the requested developments to ensure compliance with legal constraints.

As a consequence, a tailor-made solution is deployed and maintained since 2009.


For more than 5 years, 20 satisfied users have been working with KeeSense on a daily basis.

In 2013, our client acquired an external asset management company that was already using a solution provided by one of our competitors. Comparing both tools, our client decided that KeeSense was the best solution and asked us to deploy it into the new company. Deployment and trainings went fast and smoothly. Today all employees are using KeeSense efficiently.

Moreover, KeeSense perfectly matched administrative and compliance needs of asset managers. Indeed, all compliance controls have been automated and are fastly performed by KeeSense.

Finally, our client’s managers now have an efficient tool for managing financial flows.

Intuitive software initially shaped for human-sized organization, KeeSense was in this case deployed and customized according to the strict procedures of a large Swiss company.