Portfolio management software : leveraging on data management and transfer

8 May 2013

Though it is usually considered as a constraint, financial companies can efficiently leverage on data management and make it a strategic advantage. Actually, a clever data management contributes to supplying qualitative analysis and reports, enabling intelligent and appropriate decisions. Information as precious and confidential as patrimonial data deserve to invest according to their high importance. This is precisely why technology tools take a premium part in the success of private banks, family offices and wealth managers.

The deployment of a high-end portfolio management software invevitably requires a period a transition before fully mastering the new tool and  profiting of it. In order to reduce the length of this stage, a rigourous preparation should be led ahead. The preliminary step should especially focus on:

  • the definition of an action plan precising the company’s needs, objectives and deadlines
  • a detailed analysis of potential suppliers, evaluating their availability, quality of service (including support), their capacity to collect existing data and train new users.

KeeSense® is a comprehensive solution designed for banques privées, family offices et wealth managers. The different deployment steps are led with the assistance of KeeSystem®’s team of experts in order to facilitate the continuity of the company’s activity, with the smallest impact on its working conditions. It is based of 4 key stages:

  1. Planning
  2. Collecting and importing data
  3. “Plug and play” deployment
  4. Training


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