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CAPLAND is à wealth management company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company works with about ten custodian banks. As part of its growth, CAPLAND needed to equip itself with a technological solution that could save time on operations while preserving the quality of data and service and reducing operational risk.

Gregory Lanaras, “Investment Manager” at CAPLAND, shares his experience with KeeSystem.


The Search for a Solution

CAPLAND was heavily reliant on Excel and paper files. The need for a robust and efficient wealth management tool led them to KeeSense.

KeeSystem stood out for its medium size, offering the right balance between functionality and customization.

KeeSense stood out not only for its functionality but also for its ideal size – neither too large to be inflexible nor too small to be underdeveloped,” explains Gregory Lanaras.

Recommendations from peers in the industry further reinforced this choice.


Why Choose KeeSense?

The customizable nature of KeeSense was a key differentiator. Unlike other solutions, KeeSense provided a perfect fit. Its fixed fee model, as opposed to the common AuM-based pricing, was a decisive factor.


Transitioning to KeeSense

The import of static data was a hurdle, but manual entry, although time-consuming, was worth the accuracy it brought” declares Gregory Lanaras.

The initial phase of importing static data indeed required a lot of manual work, with manual entry recommended to avoid errors.

It eventually led to a well-functioning system. As with any project, anticipation is key.


What is the Impact of KeeSense on Your Operations?

Since implementing KeeSense, CAPLAND has seen a remarkable transformation in its operations.

We can now quickly verify if documents are up to date and revisit notes when discussing with clients. This has notably improved our client interactions” says Gregory Lanaras.

KeeSense has significantly enhanced client relationship management and portfolio monitoring.

The BPO (Business Process Operation) service offered by KeeSystem allows for verifying the proper integration of all portfolio positions and transactions.

This outsourcing service provided by KeeSystem was requested by CAPLAND to ensure optimal data quality.

We have been genuinely pleased with KeeSense. The ongoing support and the absence of additional costs for setting up new relationships with custodians have been particularly appreciated

CAPLAND has found in KeeSense a reliable and efficient partner.