Afterwork “Wealth Management, ESG and the role of Technology”.

3 Jul 2022

On June 29th, KeeSystem organised in partnership with Six Monaco an afterwork on the theme of wealth management, ESG and the role of technology.

On this occasion, Mr Jean Castellini, Councillor-Minister of the Department of Finance and Economy of Monaco, was present, marking his support for the development of ESG in Monaco.

alain berthoux jean castellini et pierre alexandre rousselot

During this afterwork, participants benefited from a focus on ESG regulation in the financial world and the best practices to be implemented, proposed by SIX Monaco.

While ESG can be seen as a new regulatory constraint, it is above all a necessity and an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage thanks to the role of technology provided by portfolio management solutions such as KeeSense.

This event brought together many representatives of the wealth management, family offices and private banking community in Monaco to foster exchanges around ESG issues.

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