Regarding our latest user survey – KeeSense

As part of the continuous improvement of the KeeSense user experience, KeeSystem has implemented early 2019 an initiative to survey its users in order to improve their daily tool.


“KeeSense & You”, a conversation with our users

This operation called “KeeSense & You” was designed to make the user experience more and more enjoyable, by understanding how users perceive the KeeSense interface.  Quality is at the heart of KeeSystem’s approach. The investigation we conducted allowed us to :

  • Better understand how KeeSense fits into the work processes of our clients, i.e wealth management companies.
  • Better understand our users profiles and their specific needs
  • Identify the strengths and sources of optimization of our solution and services


This survey is based on a collaborative approach To this end, a questionnaire was sent to users via the KeeSense interface. Respondents participated anonymously in order to promote accurate feedback by avoiding a number of cognitive biases. 

Here are the synthetic results presented in 4 main themes:

  1. Profile of KeeSense users and use habits
  2. Overall satisfaction assessment of the functionalities of KeeSense
  3. Evaluation of their experience using KeeSense (handling, ergonomics) 
  4. Evaluation of the overall experience of KeeSystem services (support, training, etc.)


Who are the users of KeeSense?

The study confirms that KeeSense users are based in the major European financial centres. 92% of them are located in Geneva, Luxemburg and Monaco, which are cities with a high number of independent asset managers and family offices.


More than 90% of KeeSense users are located in Switzerland, Monaco or Luxemburg.


Moreover, the survey reveals that more than 60% of the respondents have been using KeeSense for more than 2 years. 

KeeSense users work in production and support functions in wealth management companies :

  • Investment (33%)
  • Administration (29%)
  • Sales (22%)
  • Compliance (11%)

In addition, the wealth management software is used extensively since nearly 90% of the respondents use it every day. 

This confirms the fact that KeeSense is a business software integrated into the processes of wealth management companies and family offices, an essential working tool. In fact, 70% of respondents state that they use it for more than 2 hours per day, and 40% use it for more than 4 hours on a daily basis.

Main uses of KeeSense

 Even if all of KeeSense’s functionalities are used, it appears that some key functionalities are particularly solicited: 

  1. Reporting: More than 50% of users generate reports several times a week, and 31% every day.
  2. Portfolio performance monitoring: 51% of respondents use this feature several times a week, more than 30% of them every day
  3. Contact management: nearly 40% of respondents use this feature several times a week. 


These results can be attributed to several factors:

  • Compliance management, which legally requires wealth management companies to provide detailed reports to their clients and regulatory agencies.
  • The need to centralize and share customer information and knowledge, particularly in the context of customer relationship management.

Other commonly used features include investment monitoring, document management, automatic controls and event management.


An ergonomic and intuitive software

KeeSense is rated as easy to use by three-quarters of respondents.

Nearly 75% of respondents believe that KeeSense offers good ergonomics and a pleasant environment.

High value-added services 

65% have already used KeeSystem’s support. Among them, 92% consider KeeSystem’s telephone reception satisfactory or even very satisfactory.Respondents were given the opportunity to share their experiences with us freely and anonymously. Below are some abstracts : 

“The best thing about KeeSense is that it is able to retrieve information from different places and present them in a standardized way. Also the image of the Portfolio Statement is appealing. “


“The system has the capacity of integrating automated data feeds and the possibility to create ad-hoc interfaces depending on the specific custodians of the clients (vs collaborating only to a limited number of banks).”


An important strength of KeeSense is the possibility of tailoring the software according to the needs of the clients, developing “different versions” of the same software according to their requests. This flexibility creates great value for the end user by reducing their workflow and allowing more time for the decision-making process.


Identified areas of optimization

This first user survey provided a clearer picture of the daily use of KeeSense and overall user satisfaction. It was also an opportunity to identify ways to further improve KeeSense and KeeSystem services, thanks to the valuable feedback provided by the users who participated in the study.


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