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Hassle-Free Data Integration

Optimize Your Operations with seamless and secure integration of your data

Integrating sensitive data from various sources can lead to inconsistent data flow, jeopardizing decision-making accuracy and client trust. Inadequate integration risks erroneous insights and financial miscalculations.

Data integration, especially with sensitive financial data, opens doors to security breaches. Without a robust solution, exposing client financial data to vulnerabilities can lead to irreparable reputational damage and legal consequences.

Ensuring the integrity of integrated data is pivotal. Inaccurate data can skew analysis, disrupt operations, and result in costly errors. Clients rely on accurate information for informed decisions; compromised data integrity can erode this trust.

Stop letting data integration slow down your business

Efficiently merge your data sources with KeeSystem’s integration services. With a focus on data accuracy, security, and streamlined processes, we ensure seamless data integration for your wealth management operations.

Data Aggregation and Consolidation

KeeSystem gathers and consolidates information from multiple sources, eliminating information silos. Make informed decisions backed by a comprehensive view of your data landscape.

Importation of External Data in KeeSense

Any external data can be imported into KeeSense via our API, seamlessly integrating external financial data  or any data such as ESG scoring into your wealth management solution.

Exportation of KeeSense Data in Third-Party Services

Extend your reach beyond KeeSense. Our solution enables the smooth transfer of KeeSense data to third-party services. Seamlessly integrate your financial insights into other tools, ensuring a cohesive data ecosystem.

The best thing about KeeSense is that it is able to retrieve information from various places and present it in a standardized manner.

Portfolio Manager, asset management company - Switzerland

Don’t just merge your data; elevate your operations.

For a deeper understanding of how data integration can transform your operations, contact our Team.

Empowering wealth management professionals and financial industries.

We accompany wealth managers, family offices, banks and governmental institutions in their services to address the technology and data challenges.

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