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Outsourced CTO Services for Wealth Management Firms – Helping you Succeed In Today’s Digital World

What is the role of an outsourced CTO in a wealth management company ?

70% of digital transformation plans fail, mainly because the human dimension of change is not taken into account. This is the most difficult part to master but also the key to success.

Guiding Digital Transformation

The outsourced CTO leads the way in digital transformation with the right expertise. The CTO aligns technology with your vision and objectives of your company. They establish strategy objectives, prioritize investments, and fuel growth and innovation.

Selecting and Implementing Solutions

The CTO’s expertise ensures data management, compliance, and seamless integration with custodian banks. Embrace a fluid work environment with remote work, collaborative tools, and streamlined software and applications.

Driving Cultural Change

The CTO drives cultural transformation by communicating the company’s vision, providing operational training, and fostering adaptability. Seamless technology adoption and alignment with strategic objectives become the catalysts for your firm’s success.

Working with KeeSystem is full value, as if I had a CTO

The Outsourced CTO, a solution to thrive the challenges of technology in wealth management

Data integration


With the multiplication of online services and tools, as well as custodian banks, seamless integration  and creating a collaborative work environment are challenges to address.

Technological watch


Keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology and staying informed about the latest advancements and trends is a critical challenge faced by wealth management firms.

Strategic Technology Planning


With limited resources and the constant need to make informed technology decisions, overcoming these challenges requires expertise and strategic planning.

Technology Due Diligence


Identifying risks with respect to architecture, staffing, security, scalability, and processes.

We manage the technology,
you manage the business!

Introducing KeeSystem’s Outsourced CTO Services

At KeeSystem, we are fueled by our passion for finance and IT, leveraging selected experts and extensive industry experience to drive your firm’s transformation.

As an extension of our commitment to helping wealth management embrace technology, KeeSystem provides an innovative solution of Chief Technology Officer as a Service.

With KeeSystem as your trusted partner, we assume  the various roles of a Chief Technology Officer, offering expert advice and support at every step of your transformation journey.

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Empowering wealth management professionals and financial industries.

We accompany wealth managers, family offices, banks and governmental institutions in their services to address the technology and data challenges.


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