Solution for family offices and wealth managers : how to communicate with your clients

21 Jun 2016

Being an excellent advisor is probably the best way to efficiently communicate. This is even more prevalent if you are a wealth manager or a family office serving HNW individuals and families. As a matter of fact, a family office does more than asset management and financial advisory.  They centralise all the activities related to tax management, property management, philanthropic planning, and any other activity that may impact their life financially.

Beyond high-end reporting provided to clients, providing the communication tools and services that HNWI and families expect can be rather challenging. Nevertheless, with the right technology, you can efficiently serve your most demanding clients.


Give more power to your clients


One of the most powerful way to select the right approach to communicate is to accept to take one step back and to provide your clients with some tools to find what they need by themselves. You can for example give them an access to view the state of their assets at any time. MyKeyApp, the mobile of KeeSense, allows your clients to access 24/7 and to view the value of their assets in real time. They can also directly connect with their wealth manager. This handy solution perfectly meets the intensive needs of mobility and connectivity of HNWI, especially those belonging to the Millenials generation.


It reduces the requests by phone call and email and reduces the workloard of your team. Simplifying the access to the information you clients value the most positively impacts their level of satisfaction and their loyalty and confers you a competitive advantage.


A better understanding of your clients


Working with HNW families and individuals means that you manage more than assets and funds. Your clients own non-financial assets such as art pieces, real estate properties or jewelry. In the past, this kind of assets was tracked and listed using a spreadsheet. Today, storing this data is a separate system represents a high risk of human error. Our automated wealth management platform KeeSense allows saving precious time and ensures reactive and compliant decision making.


Connect your services

Working for a private investor or his family, it is crucial to be able to efficiently record the elements of this relationship. Beyond managing accounts, there is an important responsibility of tax compliance, asset management and documents management. There is not one good way to keep track of all the information required for portfolio management. If you want store your client data securely and have them easily available, then using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the best solution.

KeeSense includes a complete CRM to centralise and share with your team all the information related to your clients. You can record all relevant communications, legal documents, personal information about your clients in one centralised system. A powerful reporting tool generates cristal-clear and personnalised reporting with just a couple of clicks. A great way to impress and satisfy your clients.

Using the best technology avalaible doesn’t mean that you have to automate all your communication. Human and personal communication will always contribute to a sucessful client relationship. However, technologies will help you and your team optimise your time and create new opportunities.

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