Switzerland : What are the investment opportunities in private markets?

8 Nov 2021

What are the investment opportunities in the private markets today? How to quickly spot the sweet spots, those promising companies for which investors are vying?


Global alternative assets are expected to grow to $17 trillion by 2025 according to Prequin. Private equity is expected to show the highest growth rates even in the most developed markets, such as the US and Europe.


What about Switzerland?


In this episode of Capsule, a series produced by Sphere in partnership with KeeSystem, Yann Labry, Alphaswiss and Rodolfo de Benedetti, Decalia, analyse the private equity market in Switzerland and draw a portrait of the wealth manager’s core offering.


Yann Labry shares :
– Alphaswiss’ strategy in identifying growth stage companies, the sweet spots
– The type of shareholding retained for private equity investments, particularly in terms of management involvement
– Why it does not invest in crypto assets but in blockchain, with Bitfury.


Decalia details:
– its private equity investment strategy and in particular under which legal form these investments are made
– examples of companies in which Decalia Capital has invested – the key success factors in Decalia’s own investment strategies
– their liquidation finance strategy, which is still underdeveloped in continental Europe.


Finally, Yann Labry and Rodolfo de Benedetti share their vision of the private markets in the medium to long term, in Switzerland and internationally. To be discovered in the video below that KeeSystem is pleased to support in partnership with Sphere (in French only)


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