The demand for family office services is booming among wealthy clients

22 May 2012

A recent report issued by the Rothstein Kass Family Office Group examined how traditional financial advisors are confronting the growing demand for family office services among their wealthy clients. Indeed, about 80% of financial advisors polled declared to be interested in providing some level of multifamily office support. However, less than 25% currently provide such services to clients.

The booming demand for family office services reveals the strong trend for a personalised portfolio management that emcompasses family wealth management problematics. Protect, valorise and pass down, wealthy clients are now looking for tailored services to address their needs.

The efficient development of family and multifamily office services – on both the customer satisfaction level and the corporate performance level – require to deploy a management tool that is capable of managing all aspects of this activity: administration, asset management, customer relationship management, compliance, consolidation, ordering, etc.

KeeSense® offers the essential tools for a comprehensive management of wealth management and family office services. This is the reason why numerous family offices are already using it in Monaco, in Geneva and in Luxemburg.

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