The evolution of the role of the relationship manager

18 Jan 2022

How is the role of the relationship manager evolving? What does the client experience mean in a full digital bank? What is the place of the investment manager in the client relationship?

In Episode 5 of Capsule, Steve Alban Tineo, Assertive Group and Esty Dwek, Flow Bank discuss the relationship between wealth managers and the new clients.

Esty Dwek shares his experience at Flow Bank on :

  • customer experience in an online bank
  • the flow in the client relationship
  • the personalization of the customer relationship
  • the accessibility of an online private bank
  • the exchanges between the different services

Steve Alban Tineo also talks about :

  • the evolution of the ERM business
  • should the private banker manage fortunes?
  • the mixing of the roles of sales and relationship
  • experience of the CIO and how he can help the wealth manager?

Finally, Esty and Steve exchange on the allocation of the portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Discover the video below that KeeSystem is pleased to support in partnership with Sphere.

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