The “FinTech” digital revolution !

Nowadays, digital solutions are spreading so fast in our environment and are impacting private banking and wealth management sectors. Several platforms called “FinTech” mixing technological and financial services could deeply redesign the boundaries of private banking and asset management markets.

These solutions offer plenty of new features to clients who are more and more demanding. Among others, it gives them the possibity to manage complicated transaction via a single screen on their smartphones, they can get precise and fast advice on investment strategies or they also receive recommendations to join specific and predesigned groups on social media.

Some companies are even innovating a step further by developing programs able to scan their clients’ faces in order to analyse their reactions dealing with one or another investment strategy.

Last but not least and this point could be surprising, the “Y genereration” is not the only target attracted by these emerging trends. Quite the contrary and as the Wealth Management Report published by Capgemini highlighted recently, more than a half of HNWI in the world manage their assets via digital channels.

KeeSense®, our asset management solution integrates a full module dedicated to mobility and digital communication, MyKeeApp. Independant asset managers are now able to offer a mobile service to their clients going through a secured and customised user area. A really high-value added service knowing that only 1% of companies (in France) offer a mobile solution to their clients, now connected 24/7. A unique service attracting demanding HNWI.

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