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Empower your wealth management with KeeSense

The wealth management solution you need to grow your business your own way.

With KeeSense, access a comprehensive suite of wealth management features seamlessly with your work environment. Elevate client satisfaction through tailor-made reporting, a dynamic client portal and improved investment decisions . Simplify ordering, compliance management, and billing processes. Enjoy effortless scalability for your business.

All the features you need to scale your business

Equip yourself with the technology you need to manage your daily operations and exceed client expectations.

Client Relationship Management

Enhance client communication and relationships. Deliver a more tailored experience for your clients.

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Portfolio Management

Automate, optimize and centralize your clients’ portfolios. Save time, improve your performance and your productivity.

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Compliance Management

Track your compliance and reduce your operational risk. Share complete compliance reports integrated with the latest regulations of your market.

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Client Portal

Offer your clients secure access to their assets, anytime, anywhere.

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Administration & Back Office

Streamline every process, increase your productivity.

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KeeSense API

Connect KeeSense to your favorite tools.

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You have made the impossible possible

Principal of Family Office

Available with the cloud option you prefer

KeeSense can be deployed according to your preference.

Private Cloud

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Host and manage KeeSense yourself

Stay connected to your favorite tools and partners

Automate and integrate KeeSense with your preferred tools to achieve seamless operations, ensuring a high level of data quality and security.

Connect to 150+ custodians banks

Create a personalized work environment with KeeSense API

Engineered for Success, Proven in Practice

Trusted by 300+ users

90%+ of KeeSense users use over 2 hours daily

150+ custodians banks connected

100% in-House Support Service

Groupe Ebene - 120M€ of revenue in 2022

Transparent pricing

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