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Client Portal for Wealth Management

Empower your clients with secure and convenient access to their assets

Experience the power of the client portal, where clients can securely manage their assets, access real-time data, and enjoy a personalized and tailored wealth management experience.

Secure access anytime, anywhere

KeeSense’s Client Portal Module offers secure access, allowing clients to conveniently manage their assets from anywhere, at any time. KeeSense client portal is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for clients on the go.

Personalized wealth views

70% of customers believe that the degree of personalization is a key factor when choosing their advisor

Deliver a tailored experience to your clients with personalized wealth views. KeeSense’s Client Portal Module allows you to present financial information and investment data in a way that is meaningful and relevant to each client.

By customizing the views, you can provide a comprehensive overview of their portfolios, performance, and investment details, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay engaged with their financial goals.

Customization for a frictionless experience

KeeSense enables full customization of the client portal, allowing you to align the platform with your brand identity and provide a cohesive experience for your clients. You can create a branded interface that reflects your expertise, your business DNA and enhances client engagement.

Customization options also extend to data presentation and reports to meet the unique needs and preferences of your clients.

Private and Secure Data Safebox

Maintain the privacy and security of your clients’ sensitive data with the private and secure data safebox feature. KeeSense’s Client Portal Module provides a safe and encrypted environment for clients to securely store and access important documents and confidential information.

This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data, building trust and confidence with your clients.

Switching PMS should be as painless as possible

We go out of our way to try to remove the pain points for you. When choosing KeeSense by KeeSystem, you benefit from KeeXperience, a process designed to help you go through smoothly and effortlessly. From data migration to training and support, discover how the team of KeeSystem will lead you all the way.

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