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Compliance Management

Safeguard Clients and Mitigate Compliance Risks

Protect your clients and your company against compliance risks with KeeSense’s Compliance module. Track compliance, reduce operational risk, and share complete compliance reports integrated with the latest regulatory standards.

Ensure regulatory adherence, enhance client trust, and streamline your compliance processes with KeeSense’s comprehensive suite of tools.

Compliance Dashboard

Oversee compliance, mitigate risks, and stay ahead of regulatory requirements, all within an intuitive and stress-free interface.

The Compliance Dashboard brings your portfolio’s compliance data to life, empowering you to manage obligations proactively. Monitor high-risk clients using the KYC feature, enabling swift identification of potential concerns for proactive resolution. Track your compliance workflow and onboarding process, ensuring meticulous adherence at every step. Stay informed about accounts that require auditing and take timely actions to manage client risk profiles. Your business remains compliant, secure, and confidently in charge.

AML Indicators and Dashboard

Monitor and detect suspicious activities, enabling swift action to safeguard your operations, while gaining real-time insights into Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

Stay vigilant by monitoring client deposits, withdrawals, and flow patterns, identifying unusual activity for prompt action. You can detect forced orders through pre-trade check alerts, effectively deterring potential fraudulent activities. With KeeSense Compliance Management, stay updated on the latest account openings and closures, ensuring swift investigations of anomalies.

This feature also empowers you to monitor portfolio performance and maintain compliance checks on client risk profiles, enhancing operational integrity and proactive risk management.


Streamline your compliance management effortlessly with KeeSense’s integration capabilities for a seamless connection to critical financial sources and optimizing your compliance strategies.

KeeSense’s APIs ensure smooth data transfer between systems, facilitating real-time updates. With a cohesive integration framework, you can confidently navigate the complexities of compliance, knowing that your processes are efficient, accurate, and always prepared.

  • Link to major name checking providers
  • API for sending data to other systems
  • Automated workflows
  • Process and file validation
  • Onboarding file dispatch and follow-up

KeeSense creates great value for the end-user by reducing their workflow and allowing more time for the decision-making process.

Chief compliance officer, wealth management firm in Luxembourg

Compliance Reporting

Streamline your compliance operations, simplify reporting tasks, and facilitate efficient decision-making, all contributing to a sense of assurance.

KeeSense’s Compliance Reporting identifies anomalies in individuals, clients, and portfolios, minimizing discrepancies. Manage missing documents and client relationships to close compliance gaps. Maintain strict control over portfolio exposure to issuers or positions, allowing thorough oversight of investments. Moreover, you can generate reports in multiple languages for effective communication across diverse audiences.

Personalized KYC Questionnaire

Craft customized KYC questionnaires aligned with your business requirements, ensuring a smooth onboarding journey while gathering essential information.

KeeSense empowers you to structure questionnaires with various question types, fostering a comprehensive understanding of your clients. Integration with the Document Management System (DMS) guarantees accurate information transmission, expediting validation processes. The workflow validation system involving sales, compliance, and management ensures precision and timeliness during client onboarding, resulting in an efficient process that leaves a lasting positive impression.

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We go out of our way to try to remove the pain points for you. When choosing KeeSense by KeeSystem, you benefit from KeeXperience, a process designed to help you go through smoothly and effortlessly. From data migration to training and support, discover how the team of KeeSystem will lead you all the way.

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